Mixing Story Telling and (Post) OSR - FATE's Session 0 x Electric Bastionland's Borough Creation

 I had a thought today. 

Let's treat is as pasta and throw it to the digital wall to see if it sticks.

Recently on the Cauldron forums there were some thoughts and wishes for divides between different communities of play to be crossed somehow. Combine this with me thinking recently that it would be fun to play Electric Bastionland with a system that suits my story-telling sensibilities a bit more. I was thinking RISUS, since that's my go to, but then I got to thinking about FATE Core's Session 0.

You see, not only do you create your own character in FATE Core if played, RAW, but you also work together to decide which setting, genre, theme's, etc. there would be in this game. And that's where I was thinking that it would be fun to take electric Bastionland's Borough creation (or the other types of maps) and make it a communal thing. I've attempted making it communal in the beginning of this year with the kids, but using end of class time is a bit short, so that failed. But with this I can revisit it. Everyone could take turns adding routes, choosing the type of road it is, etc. Besides that, keep the two aspects for the game itself: Current Issues and Impending Issues. These can fuel and/or be fueled by whatever is created already, be it faces and places or something like that.

The Faces and Places from Fate create instant NPC's to place on the map (if they are on the map) or to tie to the greater world. The Spark Tables and the Backgrounds of Electric Bastionland cans till be rolled on or used as inspiration for creating our starting situation.

I don't know if this is a thing that I will have time to test out anytime soon, but I hope to try it out soon-ish.


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