Keep on the Borderlands Rework: The Order of the Golden Fleece

Elevator Pitch: The Keep is an outpost of the Order of the Golden Fleece with the intention of restoring Law and Order in a region tainted by creatures who are assumed to have somehow survived the flood. So. Base the Time and Location somewhere in Burgundy during the time of the Order of the Golden Fleece origins. So either during the reign of Philips the Good or his son. I think I prefer the first. The order of the Golden Fleece was a kind of nostalgia trip for knights. Knights as a group were kind of the last of their kind as the paradigm shifted and pushed them out of usefulness in war. The focus on archers from England and the rise of canons made good old fashion, honorable melee a ting of the past. The Order of the Golden Fleece was a recall to the past. A final Hurrah for knights. The running theory (of the human at least) is that the monsters are creatures from before the Flood that somehow managed to escape it with their devilish cunning. Wether or not this is true will need to

Character from Image: An Example

Character from Image: An Example So I've hinted at a possible example of starting with an image and discovering your character from there in my previous post. I've found myself with a spare moment in which I can try and do that. The following image (by Eoghan Kerrigan: ) is one has stuck with me for a few years now. So let's see what we can do. We will use RISUS since it's nice and simple. Fate could work as well, as would, I suppose, GURPS. picture by Eoghan Kerrigan. We see a character in a coat covered by sheets of ... something with pictures, or symbols, or runes or something. We know we want to play a JRPG type game, where creativity in interpretation is encouraged. A lot of characters in JRPG's are 'turned to eleven' or 'out there' in character design. This will be a fantastical hero.  Other than that there's some fashionable armour plating on his or her shoes and hat. and there's a clipboard

Character Design Ideas: Start with an image and build from there.

 Character Design Idea: Start with an image and build from there. Some game systems give you a lot of control as a player over how your character is built. It often leads to wildly different characters that have little to do with each other. The freedom of say, RISUS, means that you have to somewhat explain what is good for this game and what is not. (although a chaotic game where everyone just makes a character without even a genre prompt and only after meet up might be fun as well. "Chtullu, Abraham Lincoln and Mowgli walk into a bar...") One way I've done this is by providing images and let people pick one that will be their character (or at least an inspiration) and start from there. It also makes things go fast as you don't neccesarily need to fill in skills from the start. You can discover it through play. You can hunt for pictures and make a Pinterest board for your game, or make other collections, but you could also find some artists on Deviantart or some of t

Braindump: JRPGs

 JRPG: Japanese RolePlaying Games This usually mainly refers to computer games like Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior/Hero Quest, Grandia, etc. They all have several tropes that I like and have from tim e to time been trying to emulate in our regular TableTop RPG system. Being immersed in Troika! as I've been, trying to meld it with Keep on the Borderlands, I think Troika! might be one of the best contenders to highlight the weird and whacky that these games often have. Player Characters are completely out there, as are the monsters/adversaries and the general story line is usually really weird as well. Grand Mage by Eoghan Kerrigan: So yeah... I guess, be prepared to see an overhaul again on the work I already did on my Keep on the Borderlands work. The main thing I like is how they take a concept without much context and create their own context for it. That and hilarious mistranslations and misconceptions and the melding of cultural concepts

Media Review: The Good Place

  Review: The Good Place So recently my wife introduced me to the television series called “The Good Place” and we’re watching it on Netflix. It’s hard to talk about it without spoiling it, but the main premise is that four people end up in an afterlife called “The Good Place”. They ended up there because they accumulated enough points in their life and this is the reward. Obviously this is not the way traditional Christian faith views what is coming in the afterlife, but the series is not specifically made for Christians (or even by Christians, as far as I know). It is, however, a fun and interesting way to look at ethics and morality through the lens of comedy. It rarely feels preachy and still introduces philosophical concepts about good and evil. It never seems to claim to have a solution to the issues of ethics and morality but provides a playground to test these ideas in. (one episode is called The Trolley Problem for example) It’s also a very fun and creative Fantasy story. Set

Backgrounds of the Borderlands: 1d6 Wanderers or Travellers

 1d6 TROIKA! backgrounds for travellers around the Keep on the Borderlands. 2.1 - The Lost Valkyrie This Valkyrie has lost the brave warrior she came to claim. She cannot return to Valhalla before finding him. Despite looking for many years she cannot find him. The more she experiences the human world though, the more she questions wether she really wants to find him. If she finds him, she’d have to leave the human world behind again. Special: When rolling to find her way, The Lost Valkyrie does not count her skill stat. Possessions: • A Favorite Human Food/Drink (something they wouldn’t have in Valhalla, like herbal tea, cake or frog legs in garlic sauce or something) • A Spear • A Shield • A Flying Horse • A pet Raven that is supposed to guide her but constantly comments on her inability to find her charge. • Swan Themed Valkyrie Armour. Advanced Skills: 3 Flying Horse Flying 3 Spear Fighting 2 Shield Fighting 2 Speak With Dead 1 Opera Singing 2.2 - The Artisan

Backgrounds Of The Borderlands: 1d6 Fighter Types — Take 2 — Knights

  1d6 Knightly Types of the Keep on the Borderlands. 1.1 - The Roaming Knight  
 A knight that has sworn to protect the weak and helpless from the forces of Chaos. Possessions: • Chainmail Armour (Medium Armour) • A Tired but Stalwart Horse • Sword • Shield • A Weathered Map Advanced Skills: 3 Draw Enemy Attention 2 Sword Fighting 2 Shield Fighting 1 Traveling 1 Awareness 1.2 - The Vengeful Squire  
 Having lost his Knight to the monsters in the Caves of Chaos this youngster will not take another master before having avenged his master.

 Possessions: • Master’s Longsword that provides +1 to Longsword Fighting and Damage while using it. Only you may benefit from this bonus; it’s not magic, just sentimental. • Training Armour (as medium armour) Advanced Skills: 3 Longsword Fighting 1 Awareness 1 Climb 1 Run 1 Swim 1 Vengeance 1 Basic Chores 1.3 - The Swallow Knight A knight decorated in images of swallows and flowers. Romantic and poetic, this knight is loved mainly by the amorous in co